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My name is Patricia Weston. I am a Clairvoyant Medium, White Witch, Tarot & Egyptian Cartouche Oracle Card Reader,Reiki Master Healer, Hypnotherapist & Past Life Therapist.

I am based in Skerries, North County Dublin, Ireland where I have my Reading & Healing Rooms.

From a very early age I knew I was different. I saw life from a intuitive perspective. When I looked into people's eyes I could view their beautiful souls, see their past lives flash before me, feel their pain and pick up on what they were thinking.

I always walked with Angels and have felt their reassuring and comforting presence around me as a normal part of my life. I have always spoken to my guiding Angels and Light Beings and observe people's Guardian Angels and Spirits as they walk down the street.

Knowing intuitively I had been a White Witch in several past lives, I instinctively follow the Wiccan Way.

After graduating from University College Dublin with a Masters Degree in English, I worked in several libraries, taught Fitness and Pilates and worked in The Irish Times where I became a Journalist.

My visions and insight never waned and my Angels always walked with me. As my interest in the material world began to wane, the light on my spiritual path shone even brighter so I immersed myself fully into the Spiritual World knowing I was safe and held in the highest light. I answered the call from my Angels and now work as a Lightworker to heal.

If you'd like more information on anything you see on this website, please don't hesitate to contact me.

I also hold a Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy, a Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Past Life Therapy, an Advanced Diploma in Past Life Therapy and an Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy.

Blessed Be )O(

Patricia Weston featured in the Evening Herald - read article here

Patricia Weston featured in the Irish Times - read article here

Photograph by  Dara MacDonaill The Irish Times